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    Thespian Magazine is a bilingual e-journal, published both in Bengali and English. It is brought out twice a year as “Nababarsha Sankhya” (Bengali New Year Edition; April-May) and “Sharat Sankhya” (Autumn Edition; September-October). Though the title itself suggests the main focus of the journal, we try to bring together every wing of Art, Literature and Culture through our publication and other sections.

    Right from the beginning of the journey of Thespian Magazine (2013) we had an aim to furnish it with international outlook and so far we have tried our best to do so and we are privileged to be associated with nationally and internationally recognized personalities.

    Apart from publication, we are engaged in multifaceted activities under the wide umbrella of its mother institution, ‘DAUL: A Theatre Group’. We have already initiated an ARCHIVE section where many rare and priceless Audio, Video, Photograph, pdf/jpeg version of rare Books and so on can be preserved for future correspondence of the readers and the scholars. Even arrangements are there for preserving the soft copies of printed Newspapers and Magazines also.

    To make our publication more lively and acceptable to a wide range of people, we have introduced a new section called NEWS AND EVENTS where the readers can find the updated news of our publications as well as other activities throughout the year.  The focal point of this section is to involve the readers in our publication where everybody can bring out their activities like seminars/symposiums, cultural events (Theatre/Dance/Exhibitions etc.), publication ceremony and so on (along with photograph) through this window. This section will keep on getting updated throughout the year which has no direct relation with the main publication (Thespian Magazine) and its time limit.

    In order to enrich and modify ourselves with your valuable opinions and suggestions, we have arranged a FEEDBACK section in the homepage where you can leave your precious comments and thoughts regarding our activities.

    We want to connect ourselves with the teams who are engaged in activities related to performing arts and we have kept a ‘Help Desk’ box in the ‘Contact Us’ section of the journal. Details can be found in the page of Daul: A Theatre Group.


    Readers’ note:

    All informations and instructions regarding publication of your manuscripts can be found in SUBMISSION section in the homepage.

    As we are interested in preserving rare and valuable stuffs in the ARCHIVE section like rare audio, video, photograph, book and so on, we request the readers that if they have any such thing they can preserve it and make accessible for others through our website without violating the copyright law. We can also provide monetary assistance (through negotiation) for such cordial contributions to our journal.

    Regarding the submissions for the ARCHIVE & NEWS AND EVENTS sections, it should be kept in mind that the sender will verify the copyright issues of the information and photographs sent by him/her, and this publication and its concerned authority will not be responsible for any copyright related litigation. Information can be sent both in English and Bengali and primarily we will not be able to pay any honorarium for your contributions.

    For any further details, you can contact us over phone and e-mail without any hesitation.

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