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  • Dr. Ahmed Ahsanuzzaman



            2020 was a nightmarish year for humans across the world. The Covid-19 pandemic which had broken out in China in December 2019, took the world by surprise. It devastated all continents, killing millions of people. We kept our fingers crossed as we welcomed 2021. Indeed, with both the number of positive cases and deaths on the decline, and the long-waited vaccines nearly ready, we, in the Indian subcontinent, began to be optimistic, thinking that the nightmare had come to an end. It wasn’t to be. At least not for us here in the subcontinent.

            With the New Year still in its infancy, the second wave of the pandemic had its sway over South Asia, especially in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. In fact, as I write this note on 15 April, quite a few states of India, and Bangladesh have entered the twenty-second and second day of lockdown respectively. People in large number are succumbing to the deadly virus every day. We don’t know when the pandemic will disappear.

            Against this unusually morbid background, the long, overdue Volume 6, Issue 1 (Autumn Edition) 2020 of Thespian Magazine is now being published. The publication of the magazine in these difficult days makes it abundantly clear that humans do not give in that easily; that they continue to challenge and fight the odds that threaten to overpower them. Kudos to that unending passion and energy which has enabled us to walk the steep ways of the world with courage and determination from time immemorial.

            The issue consists of peer reviewed articles on theatre, film, novel, graphic novel, gamebook, folklore and songs in both Bengali and English. Creative writings in the issue include poetry, short stories and a play in translation. The issue contains the translation of a very significant essay by Selim Al Deen, one of the most original playwrights that Bengal has ever produced. I thank all the contributors for their submissions, and the reviewers for their great efforts. I hope this issue of Thespian Magazine will create a lot of enthusiasm among readers and scholars alike.

            I would like to thank all members of the Thespian Team including its Chief Editor Professor Abhijit Sen for inviting me to guest edit this issue of the magazine. It has been a wonderful experience.

            Thank you!


    Ahmed Ahsanuzzaman, PhD

    Professor of English

    Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB)

    (On lien from Khulna University, Bangladesh)