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  • Dr. Pronobesh Ranjan Chakraborty

    The New Wave in French Cinema (1959-1968): A Critical Study

    Dr. Pronobesh Ranjan Chakraborty, Assistant Professor, S.K.C School of English and Foreign languages, Deptt. of French, Assam University, Silchar, Assam. India


    France, where cinema was born this century-old art has found one of its most dynamic and innovative expressions. Cinema apparently an art of both verbal and visual resources obsessively indulged by silent and later audible means could be realized as an effective means of expressions communicable to mass audience in the public domain. Had it not been for the technological breakthrough buttressed by the economic and industrial infrastructure it could never have been possible for French cinema to be what it is in the history of celluloid. French cinema has always known for creativity, imagination, innovation and originality. Thanks could be given to the pool of geniuses that included serious practitioners in the form of directors, actors, writers, editors, technicians, photographers and producers who have offered French cinema its iconic forms and images, unforgettable masterpieces and subjects for serious academic and critical study. The New Wave in French cinema which is also the focus of my study, represents a radical break, a break which coincides with an upheaval in technical means and funding structures, and which also profoundly renewed both the forms and practices to the point of redefining the very functions assigned hitherto to the medium. This shift of the New Wave from the earlier engagements’ in terms of practice and concept could be understood as a radical change to meet the intellectual, critical and polemical urgencies required and cultivated at the time.


    Keywords: The new wave, critical study, French cinema.