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    Ankita Islam

    One of my friend is Ankita, Ankita Islam. I know her since the time when our hair was not allowed to be grown. I met her in Class III and we were in the same hostel, Santoshalaya, Visva Bharati, Santiniketan.She used to study a lot but more than that she was a mischief maker.

    One rainy afternoon, when she was in Class VI, something suddenly struck her mind and she wrote a beautiful poem. She said that she did not know where it had come from.

    Later in her Graduation she learnt from her Professor that poetry comes like music. It is the "Spontaneous overflow of emotions". After learning about poetry, she consciously tried to compose some but, could not. Numerous efforts were put to write the poetry that would make happy. Every time she tried, she was met with disappointment.

    And one day, when she finally wrote a piece of poetry, she realized that there is some unknown and unbound power that make things happen.

    Santiniketan had become her home, and her own home at Dignagar, Purba Burdwan had become a holiday destination where she would spent her time relishing on the delicious food made by her sweet mother.

    She completed her Schooling, Graduation in English Literature and even Master Degree in English Visva Bharati, Santiniketan.

    She was an active NCC Cadet. Her aim was to join the Indian Army but due to her flat foot she could not qualify as it is very difficult with this problem.

    As nothing stops for nothing in this running world, so did Ankita continued running with pen and white sheet.


    Title: Wonder Cage (Published in 'Poem' section)

    Vol. 6, Issue 1, 2020_Autumn Edition (September-October)