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    Ashok Bachhar

    I am Ashok Bachhar, an MPhil Research Scholar at Jadavpur University in the Department of Women’s Studies. My academic journey began at the same university, where I completed both my graduation and Master's in Philosophy. Currently, I hold the position of a Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) NET candidate. My passion for learning extends beyond the traditional boundaries of academia into the vibrant world of theatre and drama. These artistic fields not only captivate my interest but also enrich my academic pursuits, providing a unique lens through which I view my research. Looking ahead, I am eager to continue this journey by pursuing a PhD at Jadavpur University in the upcoming years. My goal is to deepen my understanding and contribute meaningfully to the fields I am passionate about.




    "Empowering Voices: The Evolution and Empowerment of Women in Indian Theatre and Drama" (Published)

    Yr. 11, Issue 17-22, Autumn Edition_2023