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  • Landmark Agreement in Assam

    02 Jan 2024: Landmark Agreement in Assam

    Swapan Mahato , Photo Journalist , Freelance

    New Delhi, 2 January 2024: In a significant move towards achieving lasting peace and comprehensive development in Assam, Union Home Minister Amit Shah hailed a historic agreement with the insurgent group ULFA. The tripartite agreement involving the central government, the Assam state government, and ULFA marks the end of decades-long violence in the region and signals the beginning of a new era in the history of Assam. The concerned efforts have been underway under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of peace and harmony, led forward by Home Minister Amit Shah, to end the dark chapter of violence in Assam and the entire Northeast region.q The tripartite peace agreement signed on December 29, 2023, is set to end decades-old insurgency in the northeastern states. Assam, having suffered from ULFA violence for an extended period, has witnessed the loss of thousands of lives since 1979. Considering terrorism as humanity's greatest enemy, Shah's policies have led to ULFA abandoning violence, disbanding the organisation, and joining the democratic process. Members who have renounced armed struggle are being integrated into mainstream society, with Modi and Shah making every possible effort for their inclusion. The Home Minister’s decisive step towards establishing peace in Assam sets a milestone for the future development of the entire Northeast. Shah’s consistent efforts of solving one persistent problem after another in the Northeast contributes to the creation of an India free of violence and terrorism. Shah's policies have resulted in more than 9,000 cadres pledging allegiance in the Northeast, making significant strides towards building a secure and prosperous nation. As we reflect on the achievements of the past nine years, there is no denying that the country is in safe hands. With terrorism being effectively curbed under the leadership of Modi and Shah, India is poised for a brighter and more secure future.